Are you returning home to a county in Pennsylvania?

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This reentry map has been created by the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections with help from local agencies, government departments, and county personnel that all participate in the statewide reentry initiative. You can search by the county to which you will be returning by clicking on the county or selecting the county from the dropdown list and zooming in. You also have the option to download the service directory to view all reentry services provided in the county you chose. To find services on the map, you can search by the selecting the appropriate boxes after clicking the Services tab (the icons for the services you check will show up on the map). You can roll over the icons to see the contact information for the service. You have to click the “X” to close the box before selecting another service icon.

Information in on this map has been verified and is accurate as of August 2013. This map can be updated as needed. Send any changes and corrections regarding removal or additions of resources to

Returning home can be difficult – we hope that this guide helps you to find local resources that will help you succeed in your future endeavors!

When you are released, take it one day at a time…

  • See your parole agent as required
  • Obtain steady employment
  • Treat others with respect
  • Be a positive role model
  • Avoid situations that involve drugs and alcohol
  • Continue treatment programs and don’t give up!
  • Be responsible and know the consequences of your actions
  • Stay in control of your finances
  • Avoid negative influences
  • Volunteer to give back to the community
  • Be in control of your emotions
  • Surround yourself with positivity

And Finally...

It is up to YOU to get the help you need.

Reentry Services Defined

One-Stop Shops

“One-Stop Shops” are key referral agencies to other resources and other service agencies. They may also provide the service(s) directly. They can provide both information and support in finding available resources in your community. Certain agencies are able to provide you with assistance, while others will help you get to where you need to go! Please read the individual descriptions for more information.

Re-entry Coalitions

Coalitions are available on a regional and/or county basis and are one-stop referral and assistance groups specifically responsible for providing information and/or services to returning citizens. Not every county has a re-entry coalition, but they are being formed throughout to Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Every coalition varies in its makeup, including an assortment of government and community agencies. These coalitions are intent on making the transition from incarceration to the community easier for all involved. They may provide mentoring services, education and employment services, emergency assistance, housing assistance, and more. For assistance, start by calling your coalition if it is listed and asking what services they are currently offering.

Agency on Aging

Agencies on Aging provide services to older adults including, information & referral placement, personal care, home support, counseling, protection, legal, family support program, long-term care assessment and management and alternative Community Care Services. Age restrictions regarding senior citizenship will vary by county, but information and referral placement can be given regardless of age.

Child Care Information Services

Child Care Information Services (CCIS) agencies are the hub of child care information in your local area. CCIS agencies provide you and your family with information on quality child care and personalized child care referrals to child care providers based on your specific needs or preferences. For all of your child care questions and needs, contact the CCIS agency for your local area or call the Child Care Works Helpline at 1-877-4-PA-KIDS.

Community Actions

Community Action Agencies work to empower families and individuals, giving them the opportunity to gain the skills and confidence they need to succeed. They provide a variety of both public and private programs for community members based on need and availability. Community Actions also provide information on and recommendations/referrals to other resources in the county. They may provide housing assistance, emergency food/shelter, employment services, utility assistance, financial assistance and more. Start by calling for assistance and help in finding available resources in the community.

County Assistance Offices

County Assistance Offices help you to apply for and renew your government benefits from the comfort of your home, provide the online resources for cash assistance such as Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), have access to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) for food assistance, help with child care, health care coverage, home heating assistance (LIHEAP), school meals, and have resources for Women and long-term living services. Other general services provided.

Human Services

The county departments of Human Services provide social services to meet the needs of all citizens. These services are provided through the Divisions of Area Agency on Aging, Children, Youth & Families, Drug & Alcohol, Mental Health/Intellectual Disability, and Veterans Affairs. NOTE: The Human Service office may also oversee the Mental Health/ Intellectual Disability (MH/ID) office. The MH/ID office may have a Forensic Liaison who can assist staff and individuals with information on MH/ID services and locations and can provide intake and referrals to other agencies, including housing agencies. Please see the appendix in the back of the manual regarding Forensic Liaison (Criminal Justice) Contacts.

PA CareerLink

PA CareerLinks help if you are interested in career assistance (finding a job, looking for a better job, improving job skills) or seeking vocational rehabilitation services. It enables you to search for job openings, create a résumé, apply for jobs online, research career information or vocational rehabilitation services.

PA Department of Health- State Health Center

The Department of Health State Health Centers support outreach, education, prevention and treatment services across a variety of program areas. They can also provide information and referral to other resources and other health agencies. Community-based groups are used to provide essential services to the Commonwealth's citizens including programs for women and children, nutrition, immunization, diagnosis and treatment of certain blood and communicable diseases, cancer control and prevention, and the prevention and treatment of substance abuse.

Mental Health Services

For mental health assistance, contact the Mental Health/ Intellectual Disability (MH/ID) Forensic Liaison through the Human Services Department. The Forensic Liaison (Criminal Justice) Contacts are also listed in the appendix in the back of the manual. Most counties will have a Forensic Liaison, but for counties that do not, you may contact any of the other agencies listed in the beginning of this manual that provide One- Stop Services. These include the county Coalition, the Community Action, the County Assistance office, the county department of Health, and the Agency on Aging (for senior citizens).

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